STAR GERMAN SHEPHERDS - dogs for companions, protection or service
About Us
STAR German Shepherds is a private kennel that breeds carefully selected dogs with an outcome in mind.

The outcome is a litter of puppies that will grow up to be companion dogs, personal protection dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, competition dogs, and best friends.  

We breed for specific qualities.  We want an intelligent dog with an impeccable temperament.  We want to deliver dogs that, even without specific training, are naturally protective and demonstrate a high degree of discrimination.

We have been breeding dogs for 30+ years just because we like it.
Our puppies are home-raised.  We raise only one litter at a time so that we can devote all the time necessary to produce healthy, happy, well-adjusted dogs.  We take particular care with early training and socialization.  

We know what we are doing, and we enjoy doing it.
You will love our dogs.

Our operation is small enough to provide flexibility to better meet the needs of our dogs and our clients. 

We have two locations east of Dallas.
Our Garland location is 15 miles East of Downtown Dallas.
Our Royce City location is 25 miles farther East on I30.

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Dogs are shown by appointment only.

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