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6 weeks and ready to go


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6 weeks and ready to go

Puppies are six weeks old now.  They have been wormed twice and have had their first puppy shot.  They are eating really well and have almost no interest in nursing.  Mother is SO glad....pups have significant teeth now ... and really like using them.  Usually I like to keep the puppies with their mother until they are 8 weeks.  These guys are so big and eating so well, I think they are ready for their forever homes.  We are still working on potty training.  Of course, that can't really happen until about three months ... and now we are working on using paper in the house and waiting until they are outside to relieve themselves.  They are doing well .... when my timing is good.  The puppies have become very playful.  They understand what "come" means and enjoy running to me when I call they can get their treat.  They are very good at tracking their treat.  All of the puppies show interest in toys and the tug.  Some are getting pretty ferocious when they grab the tug ... very good drive.  They are getting used to being groomed ... and I must say they seemed to enjoy the attention.  They are at that cute, cuddly stage where they enjoy sitting in my lap and being petted.  Next week we will start learning about collars and leads.  They are really smart and catch on quickly.  They are very eager to please.  They have very stable temperaments and will make wonderful companion and protection dogs.  Some of them are already beginning to bark along with mom and dad when a stranger comes too close.  They will make their new owners awesome dogs.  Be sure to check out the pictures, videos and rest of the website for more information.


Today the puppies are four weeks old.  They are still nursing ... when   their mother, Sieben, lets them.  She seems to be growing less enthusiastic about providing on-demand table-side service for eight hungry little ones.  She is spending less time in the litter box and more time resuming her normal activities.  The pups are still getting plenty of nutrition as they began eating solid (well ... semi-solid) food this week.  I am using, for the first time. a weaning formula called 2nd Stage.
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